SugarCRM mvc_utils.php

If you see an error such as the following in your php error log:

the source of the problem is in SugarCRM’s mvc_utils.php. This file contains (poorly) obfuscated code which does a variety of checks to supposedly insure that your copy of Sugar is genuine. De-obfuscating the code is trivial though. It’s so pointless it makes me wonder why Sugar bothered with it in the first place, especially since it’s buggy.

I’ve shared the de-obfuscated version of the file below. This was done with version 5.2.0l but should work for other versions.


Drop the file in include/utils/ in the Sugar document root, after renaming your existing one to mvc_utils.php.old 🙂

One thought on “SugarCRM mvc_utils.php

  1. Oscar

    Excelente aporte amigo en verdad funciona !!!

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