Sugar CETeams modifications

I’ve been working on some improvements to the CETeams module for SugarCRM, as follows:

  • make CETeams cache its config to a file instead of storing it in session data. This makes changes to CETeams config affect all users instantly without requiring them to log out and in again.
  • make CETeams work properly with MS SQL
  • a new option to leave the team data intact when disabling a module
  • many stability improvements and making the code more upgrade-safe
  • use Sugar’s formatting for templates

4 thoughts on “Sugar CETeams modifications

  1. Are the CETeam mods available? tks, Jonas

    • admin

      Yes, I’ll make them available on the site.

  2. tarek

    Installed Ceteams on my Sugarcrm CE 6.05 ….. the installation went fine then the system crashed and I can no longer access it getting this message :
    ceteams_config SELECT failed

    Can you please tell me what to do to restore my CRM >

    Thanks a lot

    • David

      Sorry but I no longer maintain this module so I can’t help you with it. You definitely should have backed up your CRM before installing a new module, especially one that affects the core.

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