Strange Swift syntax

I have been looking at Swift, Apple’s new language which replaces Objective-C. If anything I’m completely underwhelmed. Apple had a chance to make something new and clever, to take queues from languages like Ruby, but instead the language looks pretty disappointing.

Take, for example, their weird decision to use backslash and brackets as a variable delimiter. If you want to print:

“Bob”, you are 2m (6.56′) tall

you would code:

Readable code? Not in my book, what a mess!

One thought on “Strange Swift syntax

  1. Wow, I have to completely agree with you there, it’s not very readable. They should’ve taken a cue from the fact \ is used to escape things in many languages so to the programming mind one see’s it and quite honestly that println statement just looks like broken regex or something.

    Apparently it doesn’t have exception handling either ;\

    They also got rid of the ; line terminator, which to me is a sin since I’m kookoo for C-syntax.

    In all honesty, based on Wikipedia, most of the “improvements” seem like they could’ve just been added to a later release of Objective-C rather than requiring a whole new language, it’s not like anyone other than Apple people even really use Objective-C.

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