Mochahost – the worst host imaginable

A year ago my wife and I decided to sell our house and go travelling. I needed to make sure all my websites and mail would be remotely accessible so I hunted around for a hosting company. After reading many reviews I decided to go for Mochahost. As it turns out this was a huge mistake. Mochahost is possibly one of the worst hosting companies around. However, because most review sites give an overall rating for the entire history of a company instead of the recent past, this isn’t immediately obvious. Look at the ratings and comments for Mocha over the past six months and you’ll get a far more accurate picture about just how rubbish this company really is.

My own problems with this charlatan business are listed below:

  • I initially set up a VPS with Mocha and paid, in advance, for six months of service. Mocha doesn’t accept credit cards. Instead you have to pay by PayPal, which means you lose out on much protection built into the credit act.
  • It took almost 24h before my VPS was set up. Nothing like fulfilling your promise just in the nick of time …
  • Within a few weeks I found my VPS utterly unuseable. Disk IO was pathetic. A shell command revealed that it would take up to a second to write a four byte file (“test”) to disk.
  • Mocha offered to move me to a new VPS host, which I agree upon. However no date was given for this task and it was up to me to continually watch my mail for status updates from Mocha.
  • The next day my new VPS was ready, and I migrated everything across, and made DNS changes to reflect the new IP.
  • I changed the password for my login to their support page several times. Although the page said “password changed” I could never log in except with the original password Mocha mailed me when I registered.
  • It only took one day of “service” before my VPS went down. When I submitted a reboot request Mocha rebooted my old VPS, not the new one. It was hours after submitting a ticket to point this out that they booted the right server.
  • Fast forward a month of reasonable service and my VPS disappeared. Little did I know it but Mocha had taken it upon themselves to shut down my VPS for “excessive CPU or memory usage”. There was no warning except for a ticket added to my support page. No phone call or SMS to my mobile phone, no email to my secondary contact address.
  • I spent an hour arguing with Mocha’s support person on their useless support “chat” system. I explained that I couldn’t ping the IP address of my server, and his indignant reply was that it was because my DNS wasn’t hosted by Mocha, as if pinging an IP address has anything to do with DNS.
  • Eventually I managed to persuade Mocha to restart my VPS, promising to look at anything that might be causing this supposed “excessive CPU or memory usage”. Instead I wrote a monitoring script that mailed me continuous statistics of load and memory use.
  • Two weeks of stats were enough to confirm my suspicions. My server was using virtually no CPU and had well over 600 MB free RAM 24h/day. Mocha was clearly oversubscribing their VPS hosts.
  • I changed my primary contact email address. After that none of my previous tickets were visible on my support page. When I asked Mocha’s support about this they said “create a ticket to say your tickets aren’t visible.”. I did so, and waited months for them to fix this but it never happened.
  • My VPS started crashing more and more often. As ever, their support chat was useless, always insisting that I create a ticket, and that no other help could be offered. Again I submitted reboot requests, and yet again they booted up the old VPS instead of the new one, even though I specifically mentioned the IP of the new server, and the fact that they’d booted the wrong one in the past.
  • I noticed that “reboot requests” actually created tickets on their ticketing system, which included the root password to the server. They would then send a plain text email with a URL, accessible to anyone, which would reveal the root password to anyone who captured the URL. I’ve seen tighter security from drunken rent-a-cops.
  • What brought the whole scenario to a head was when my server started showing load averages of 3+ when idle. I shut down almost every process except for a few vital ones (like sshd) and still the load average was 2+.  I submitted a ticket to complain about this and my ticket was closed with no response from Mocha.
  • I re-opened my ticket and demanded a reply from them. Their reply was “we can’t find any problems with the VPS host, but we can migrate you to a new node”.
  • I’d had enough by that stage and decided to move to a new host. I replied to Mocha saying I wasn’t happy with the idea of a third migration and DNS change, but instead of an apology, or any sort of remorse I got a curt message saying “so are you gonna cancel or should we move your VPS?”

That about sums up my experience with that ridiculous company. I hope this review helps others avoid falling into Mochahost’s web of lies, deceit, and complete disregard for their customers.

8 thoughts on “Mochahost – the worst host imaginable

  1. The worst company ever. Not professional and not respecting their customers. I lost 700 USD for a VPS that was mis configured since the beginning. Stay away from them!!

    • No doubts mochahost is the worst ever.
      I wish I noticed this blog earlier.
      would save me losses of 10K.

      Don’t even give them a second chance…
      I did, it’s gonna end up in court.

      Enjoy life

  2. Javier M.

    Hello: We were almost 2 months with a Dedicated Server in Mocha Host. During that period we verified that the support of 24 hrs. that they announce does not work. The person of chat is prepared to give automated answers and to send ridiculous links to the help pages. Then, the chat person recommend to send an e-mail to the Support Team. The Support Team responds only 1 asks each hour, where the answer can be: ” Could you explain your problem better ? ”

    Finally we lost all the information of our site and the Support Team was decided not to respond more to our shouts of help. Then we decided to cancel the account, knowing that we will had to pay an additional month due to contract reasons .The worst thing was that after months we verified that continues charging us the service in spite of to be cancelled.

    We have sent them all the documentation that they indicates that we came in due course to the cancellation of the service and following all the rules that they themselves asked to us to follow. But they insist on sending e-mails almost automated acquiring every month. This seems to me a very serious swindle. Today I will have to speak with the executive of my bank that they stop any charge of to my credit card.

    Another point to consider, is that Mocha Host offers very cheap prices, but does not emphasize in its announcements that the clients must pay an additional cost to enter as user. In the first month, we had to pay 84 dollars, but they generated 2 invoices, one by 84 dollars of the first month service, and a SECOND INVOICE of 84 dollars more, due to an additional collection that they call “Signup” cost.

    I understand that this situation is happening to many well-meaning people and is urgent to disclosed it so that it does not happen to more people, since it is a true nightmare and an attack of Mocha Host to the users without any provocation.

  3. Jose

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! 2 times in 1 day the VPS is down AGAIN!! 1st time it took 8HRS to bring it back! Now God knows how many DAYS will it take to bring it back up! Thank you Mochahost for the headache!!

    They Have Facebook!! and Tweeter!! Blast their walls!!

  4. Please be warned and do not use as they will not honor their contract and will sucker you in buying their cheap plans to later demand more payment from you (after your payment has settled) claiming you are using too many resources and forcing you to upgrade your plan. They will not refund you even with their guarantees. Please review the Better Business Bureau for their F rating. OR . The BBB has now warned the public with the following comment about and the reason for their F rating:
    We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.

    I have copied over a previous post about mochahost which might be helpful for those who were a victim of their webhosting scam. Please see below


    If you are a victim of that had LOCKED or SUSPENDED your account preventing you from getting access to your own data, improperly suspended your account causing your websites to not function properly, had not followed their contract agreement, had SCAMMED you such as in a BAIT-AND-SWITCH scheme or FALSE ADVERTISING, DELETED your account or data, caused you financial damages and/or made false claims, such as that you had abused their TOS, in order to FORCE you to PAY MORE money to upgrade your webhosting plan, please contact the following organizations. The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office, BBB (Better Business Bureau), California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General (AG), the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) which is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). The FBI’s IC3 Unit is organized to handle internet business fraud. Make a complaint with Paypal and any company providing services for such as their co-hosts. Also contact the police for data theft in the case has prevented you access from your own data. Please also email with as much information as possible to develop a class action lawsuit against /

    Some of the names has used from the company are the following below. Please note that it is very possible that is using fake names.

    Hristo Angelov, represent the company (Agent for Service of Process),
    Jim Truong, Business Development Manager, MochaHost
    Jim Savov, Affiliate Manager (Owner): Jim Savov. Phone Number: 888-676-1343.
    Tracey Anderson, PR & Marketing Assistant
    affiliate manager Jon Nunez at 407-325-1888
    2880 Zanker Rd #203
    San Jose, CA 95134 also uses:
    2880 Zanker Rd. #203, San Jose, CA 94538

    (888) 816-6242

    Web Site:

    Toll Free: 1 888 676 1343
    Fax: 1 408 351 0116
    Mochanin LLC
    Number: C2566449
    Date Filed: 11/24/2003 Status: suspended
    (408) 343-2341
    Hristo Angelov, Agent for service process

    Contact: Jim Savov – Office Sales/Support
    Business Start Date: 1/1/2002
    BBB Company ID: 235786, F Rating status

    Jim Truong, Business Development Manager, MochaHost

    Hristo Angelov, I represent the company (Agent for Service of Process), updated this company profile on 10/01/2010
    Hristo Angelov, Member since 10/01/2010. 150 Palm Valley Boulevard # 1169
    San Jose, CA 95123

  5. the worst provider all over the world

  6. Khayaam Yousafzai

    because of this shit company (Mochahost) my website is down from last 4 days.
    They are saying we are replacing hardware on my server, their website are attractive but please please stay away and do not buy any hosting from them even if it is FREE. (I can show you the communications between me and the support team, they are replying very late)

  7. Randy

    It is true the reliability is far from 99.9%, my plan is a Linux-based business plan but today I find the website has been dead for more than 4 hours, I filed two tickets to them but still they give me no explanation what is happening, or when the website could be back.

    I wish I have read this blog before I signed up the service.

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