I have updated my patched version of CETeams 1.0.7d to version 6 which includes changes to make the module work with Sugar 6.1.6. You can download the zip file of the source below:


5 thoughts on “CETeams-1.0.7d-p6

  1. Sasha


    I was wondering why you haven’t continue support for current versions of Sugar 6.4.x ? Was there a show stopper change in Sugar core which prevented you from upgrading your module or was there something else? I’ll need your module I would love if it could work in Sugar 6.4.x so if you know of any show stopper changes I would appreciate your tips.

    Thanks a lot,

    Sasha Tokic

    • David

      Hi Sasha,

      I stopped working on the CETeams module because I’m not involved much with SugarCRM any more. I don’t think there’s any show stoppers that would prevent the module working in 6.4.x but I haven’t tested it yet.

      AFAIK the module should work okay with 6.4 – I’m not aware of any changes in the Sugar core that would stop it from working, but the only way to really know is to try it. You may need to edit the .zip file and modify the manifests file to allow Sugar to install on 6.4 Please try it out and let me know the result.

  2. Ramiro

    Hi David, first of all thanks for your work!

    I’m having some trouble with this module and a Sugar 5.5 instance. The thing is, the module is not preventing the users to view records in other teams. The teams I have tested are not from different branches, so for example: Team A is not anywhere under team B, but users in team A can see everything and the same with users in team B.

    The module I’m testing is set in the admin configuration of ceteams. All I’m asking for is documentation on how this module works, couse I’m loosing to much time trying to debug it.

    Could you please help me? Thanks in advance!


  3. dan

    Hi David, didi you think could be possible that last version will be good for CE 6.5.x?
    If not, how we can simply share a customer between 2 o three users?
    Hope you can reply


    • David

      Hi Dan. To be honest I haven’t worked on the module for a few years now so I can’t really help. I recommend that you look at some alternative CRMs, and preferably something not written in PHP. SugarCRM was one of the worst products I have ever written code for.

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