Quickly format tables for SugarCRM

If you are hand-coding tables for SugarCRM then you can skip the tedious addition of attributes to table elements by using my sugarTables.js script to quickly format a table in a SugarCRM style. The script requires PrototypeJS. For example, creating a table like this:

renders a table looking like this: The makeSugarList() method works…

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Sugar SubPanels and SubQueries

Sugar allows you to specify a where clause in a subpanel This is useful if you want to show only certain records in the subpanel, or to filter the subpanel results, as detailed in my blog entry Filtering Sugar Subpanels. While it’s a useful feature, it does have a problem – subqueries. If you specify…

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Analyse Sugar Queries

Database performance can have a huge affect on the performance of a web application, especially one as large and complex as SugarCRM. Tuning your database to deal with Sugar’s many queries can have a huge impact on its performance. But how do you find out what exactly Sugar is doing, and which queries are causing…

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SugarCRM mvc_utils.php

If you see an error such as the following in your php error log:

the source of the problem is in SugarCRM’s mvc_utils.php. This file contains (poorly) obfuscated code which does a variety of checks to supposedly insure that your copy of Sugar is genuine. De-obfuscating the code is trivial though. It’s so pointless…

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