Amsterdam Hackathon

This past weekend I took part in my first ever Hackathon (Amsterdam Hackathon) and with a team of two other people (Rene Pot on front-end and Irma Scheer on design) we managed to take second place 🙂 The topic was “Augment Amsterdam”. We spend almost three hours brainstorming different ideas. We wanted to work on something…

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JEditable – custom field name

I love JEditable, it’s an extremely useful way of having editable content on a page. I did come up against a limitation though. The name of the field is determined by the ID attribute of the containing DIV (or other element). Consider the following where you want fields to be editable for two different companies…

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Quickly format tables for SugarCRM

If you are hand-coding tables for SugarCRM then you can skip the tedious addition of attributes to table elements by using my sugarTables.js script to quickly format a table in a SugarCRM style. The script requires PrototypeJS. For example, creating a table like this:

renders a table looking like this: The makeSugarList() method works…

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