A year of Ruby

It’s about a year today that I took on the task of maintaining and extending a REST API with just over a month of Ruby experience under my belt. Despite being so new to the language I felt confident that I could take on the project as I had already managed to build a portal for our retailers and some of the API calls it depended on.

Initially I ran into some problems, some of which were related to DataMapper. (Details about that are documented in this post). The rest were issues with the way the API was designed and coded. Within a couple of weeks or trying to build on the existing API I realised that I would have to rewrite the whole thing from scratch. Six weeks later we had a new API with far better performance, stability and a host of new and useful features.

What impressed me about Ruby was how quickly I picked up the language compared to other languages and how quickly I was able to identify and fix problems despite being so new to it. I find it a joy to use, more so than anything I’ve programmed with in the past. I find my coding time far more productive, and I achieve results more quickly than ever. That’s a big win in my book. I’ve become a big fan of the language and even slightly evangelical about it when in discussions about coding with my friends.

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